Ethiopia Welcomes Eritrea’s Response

ADDIS ABABA – The Government of Ethiopia has welcomed the response from the Eritrean side to proceed with the call for peace talks.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that Ethiopia once again confirmed that it is ready to augment the peace and stability undermined due to the border disputes lasting for two decades.

In its web portal, the Ministry announced that this step will further enhance the relationship between the two countries and contribute to the stability and development of the two countries and the region.

Ethiopia also reaffirms its commitment to a new chapter to restore the relationship between the two countries beyond the border issues, according to the Ministry.

It was reported that the Eritrean delegation is en route to Addis Ababa geared to launch peace discussion as a response to the call from the Ethiopian government, Eritrean President Isayas Afwerki said in a televised speech on Wednesday.

The Eritrean diplomat to the African Union mission resided in Addis Ababa told The Ethiopian Herald that his office has not yet been officially informed about issue.

However, the President indicated his government is ready to start constructive talks with Addis Ababa and send delegation to follow current developments and provide in depth analysis on how to resolve the crisis.