‘There Are Going to Be People Who Are Going to Embrace This Change and People Who Are Going to Resist It,’ – U.S. Ambassador

Photo: Addis Standard U.S. Ambassador to Ethiopia Mike Raynor. interview Ambassador Mike Raynor joined the State Department in 1988, and is a career member of the Senior Foreign Service with the rank of Minister Counselor. He has been Director of the Bureau of Human Resources’ Office of Career Development and Assignments since September 2016. From[…]

Rally, the Euphoria and the Bang Many of Us Took for Firework

Photo: Addis Standard Screenshot of broadcast by Ethiopian Television of a massive rally in Addis Ababa where an explosion followed an address by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. Mahlet Fasil, Etenesh Abera and Ephream Seleshi, Addis Standard’s team on the ground (This is their experience of what they saw on Saturday June 23 at the rally[…]

Industrial Parks for Industrial Transformation

By Zelalem Girma Of late, accompanied by Foreign Minister Dr. Workneh Gebeyehu, the Eritrean High Level Delegation to Ethiopia headed by Eritrean Presidential Adviser Yemane Gebreab and Foreign Minister Osman Saleh made a tour to visit development projects in Hawasa, capital of the Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples’ Regional State. They were briefed on the[…]

Stakeholders Need to Enhance Commitment for Peace

The inspirational leadership of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is bearing fruit as many people have shown interest to participate in the rally organized to acknowledge his initiatives ever since he came to power about two months ago. He has influenced peoples thoughts towards national reconciliation, unity, forgiveness … etc. Acknowledging his assertive leadership in uplifting[…]

Role of Genuine Opposition

By Yohannes Gebresellassie (Phd) Any government is responsible among other things for arranging the day-to-day business of the nation. _As the initiator of policy, it indicates which action it wishes parliament to take, and explains and defends its position in statements and public debate. Parliament is responsible for making the Government accountable for its actions.[…]

Why People to People Relations Need More Concern?

By Henok Tibebu Professor Fikre Lema Though unity in diversity and entertaining or sharing common national agendas still continued as typical values of Ethiopians, higher educational institutions and other concerned elements have made little efforts in promoting people to people relationships based on constructive historical backgrounds over the past few decades, scholars say. However, maintaining[…]

Ethiopia Welcomes Eritrea’s Response

By Haftu Gebrezgabiher ADDIS ABABA – The Government of Ethiopia has welcomed the response from the Eritrean side to proceed with the call for peace talks. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that Ethiopia once again confirmed that it is ready to augment the peace and stability undermined due to the border disputes lasting for[…]

Livestock Dev’t to Improve Pastoral Livelihood

By Girmachew Gashaw Ethiopia is a country endowed with high potential of livestock. Ethiopia is leading in livestock resources in Africa with a total population of 54 million heads of cattle, 2.5 million camels, 25.5 million sheep, 24.6 million goats, and 50 million poultry. However, due to various reasons, these potential is yet to be[…]

Crude Oil Production Test Due to Begin Today

By Desta Gebrehiwot Prime Minister Dr. Abiy briefing media (Photo Gebabo Gebre) ADDIS ABABA- Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed said fostering unity and cooperation among the peoples of the country would help step up its resource utilization potential as crude oil production test is set to begin today in Shinile Zone of the Somali State.[…]

Overseas Contractors Vie to Revamp City’s River Banks

By Berhane Hailemariam Seven companies showed interest to refurbish the citywide riverside landscaping and recreational project along the Bantyketu River in Addis Abeba that extends from Urma Garage south to Afincho Ber in the north. The project costs 400 million Br and stretches over 4.4Km along the river banks and covers 12.8ha. The project, tendered[…]