Fap titans – The Six Figure Challenge

It’s an email that appears in your inbox every Monday, revealing key LiveChat metrics in the previous 7 days.

It includes the number of chats, greetings conversion, chat satisfaction levels, and a lot more.

Your Weekly Summary is turned on by default. If you would like to turn it off, then uncheck the Weekly Summary box on your profile settings.

We’re coming to a finish of this redesign of the program. One of the final steps is that the Reports section. Besides the new, cleaner appearance , we’ve added a couple of long-requested features.

Compare current with previous data to see whether you’re on top of your goals. Whether it’s ‘s increasing customer satisfaction or decreasing the number of tickets.

Heatmaps are very helpful when planning shifts, as they show the busiest time of the day . The darker the color, the larger the workload for your brokers. Heatmaps are offered for the total chats, queued clients, and new tickets reports.

With all these changes, we ensure that all present features are still there, which means that you don’t have to worry that something that you use daily is missing.

Check out what has changed in Reports and leave your comments https://mynaughtyaffair.com/fap-titans on the Community.

In the upcoming weeks, we would like to introduce an exciting attribute –chat background in the conversation widget. Which means your clients are going to be able to view their prior chats when visiting your site again.

To do that we needed to make some developments in the conversation widget:

Now your clients can see the information they provided both from the pre- and – post-chat surveys.

Before, when the post-chat was on along with the conversation was closed, the customer couldn’t read the conversation anymore. And when they wanted to check something fast, they needed to begin a new chat and request the advice again. Now, when the conversation is closed, the customer has access to what was written till they close the browser (or refresh the page).

Please be aware that these changes can only be purchased in the chat widget. To switch to the chat widget, then go to Settings Chat widget Customization and click on Discover the brand new look. Verify by hitting the Save button.

As mentioned before, we want to ship chat background in the conversation w > Alicja.

Meet your LiveChat Home. Where you are able to keep an eye on the most important metrics. See just how many chats your brokers are handling. And check if you’re on top of your sales and support goals.

You can see the Home section by clicking on its icon from the menu. You’ll discover it in the top left corner of this LiveChat program.

We just shipped two new features for our BigCommerce integration, which make using LiveChat simpler both for Agents and Admins.

Now, all brokers can send product cards right in the LiveChat program. It’s very easy; you search for a product, select it and hit send. Each card includes an image, a description, and a link to the product page.

Have more than one store? Not a problem. You can easily switch between products from each one of your connected stores.

All that without departing the LiveChat program. No more leaping between conversations and product pages in your store.

You’re an admin and take good care of how LiveChat performs in your site?

With Dashboard, you have access to info on greetings conversion, clients browsing your website, the number of unassigned tickets and a lot more. Right in the BigCommerce program.

Another portion of the program was redesigned. This moment, we’re pleased to introduce the Tickets section with a fresh, new look.

Now, you can quickly manage your tickets thanks to clear design, intuitive filters, and neatly arranged details. We’ve added an All tickets so that you may discover a ticket even if you don’t know its status.

Find out more about what has changed from our article on LiveChat Developers Blog.

From now on, you are able to decide what information (and in what sequence ) is visible in Customer Details. All that, which means you can have all the information about your clients close at hand.

Meaning no more switching between tabs and more time to give exceptional customer support.

We’re constantly working on the Agent program so it’s more powerful features but remains easy to use. Now, we shipped redesigned Archives.

The new design is simpler to work with. Clear division between a list of archived chats, chat feed and details, makes you know what is what instantly. It is possible to see all chats with a particular customer with one click. Now, you can set them to return results that meet one or more conditions. Last but not least, it is possible to form chats by date.

Click here to learn more about Archives, and don’t forget to share your comments on our official LiveChat Community forum!

I would like to let you know our Zendesk integration was updated! From now on, if you’re developing a ticket in Zendesk, LiveChat will load custom fields in the Zendesk account. You may populate them with extra information regarding your clients, gathered straight from the conversation!

You might also choose a field to that LiveChat will automatically attach ID of this chat, from which the ticket was created. Just in case that you’d like to maintain record of that talks led to creating tickets.

Click here to understand how to integrate LiveChat with Zendesk and the best way to begin with all those new features!

I’m very happy to announce that from now on, LiveChat supports wealthy messages. That you can mix and match: text, pictures, and buttons to make personalized product cards and clickable menus. Send them right on talk to provide better support and boost sales.

We’re only getting started, and for now, you may create rich messages via our integration with ChatBot. All messages sent by bots are exhibited both in the conversation widget along with the Agent App.

Read this guide to learn more about the benefits and capabilities of the latest feature.