Aggaro’s Development Path

By Fasica Berhane Aggaro, one of the 10 cities of Jimma Zone, was founded from the five Gibe dynasties which were Limmu, Gumma, Gomma, Gerra and Jimma by the Gomma King Abaaboka in 18th century. According to historians, at that time residents in the area were settlers of Oromo ethnic known as Mecha found from[…]

Averting Danger of Waste Pollution

By Betelhem Bedlu In most urban areas, in addition to global problem with climate change, waste materials that are disposed from factories, industries and individual households are taking the major share in polluting the environment. Such conditions are mainly observed in cities of developing countries including Addis Ababa, due to lack of modern disposal management.[…]

Implementing Diplomatic Ties to Support the Economy

By Fitsum Getachew Ethiopia’s diplomatic history shows that it has never been poor even in the distant past days. Beginning from the late nineteenth century and since, Ethiopia has always tried to live in peace and harmony with other states by stretching diplomatic wings. It found itself entangled in diatribes only when its sovereignty was[…]

Promoting Railway Interconnections Facilitating Economy

By Mengisteab Teshome The expansion of railway infras tructure is decisive to catalyze the ongoing socio-economic progress in Ethiopia while catching up with cutting-edge railway technological know-how is central to this effort. Ethiopia announced the construction of Addis Ababa Light Railway Transit (AALRT) project in 2011. It took only four solid years for residents of[…]

Addis Sets to Get 500 More Bus Shelters

By Yonatan Belay For the bus terminals, the City Administration would likely invest over 93 million Br About 18 companies are vying to install an additional 500 bus stop shelters with an estimated cost of over 90 million Br. The terminals will be installed without any feasibility studies. The Addis Abeba City Transport Authority published[…]

Agency Denies Bid Protest Over Dukem Depot Project

By Berhane Hailemariam The claimant complains unfair measures were taken while awarding SMEC A complaint filed by a UAE based Company over the fairness of the procurement process to hire a consultancy firm for the Dukem Oil Terminal was rejected by the Public Procurement & Property Administration Agency. The grievance hearing board of the Agency[…]

Addis Receives Grant to Close Perilous Qoshe

By Yonatan Belay The City Administration is planning to change the dumpsite into a scientific park The Addis Abeba City Administration has received 10 million euros loan from the government of France to close down Repi Landfill, a.k.a Qoshe. The site is recently identified as vulnerable to fire hazards. Research conducted by the City Administration[…]

Ethiopian Takes Off With New Engines

By Fasika Tadesse The engine procurement and maintenance deal is worth $917.5m Ethiopian Airlines, the national carrier, has signed a 934.4 million dollars deal with two American companies for engine procurement and maintenance as well as Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) service contract. Ethiopian made the deals with General Electric Global (GE) and Honeywell International Inc.[…]

Addis Soon to Get New City Hall

By Berhane Hailemariam The hall is expected to be constructed within two and half years In the next two and a half years, Addis Abeba is getting a new municipal hall, which will feature architectural designs from various cultural places in the country. For the design, the Ethiopian Institute of Architecture Building Construction & City[…]