Aggaro’s Development Path

Aggaro, one of the 10 cities of Jimma Zone, was founded from the five Gibe dynasties which were Limmu, Gumma, Gomma, Gerra and Jimma by the Gomma King Abaaboka in 18th century. According to historians, at that time residents in the area were settlers of Oromo ethnic known as Mecha found from mecha Oromo which are called Awaleni, Jida, bedi, bed and Enerata ,Endocho, Jarso Balto Legade and seyo ethnics.

Found at the west of Jimma 45 km far, Agaro is known for being a hub for coffee and it is a place for over 1000 coffee seed genes, untouched resources and natural endowments such as forests and rivers as well as ancient mosques which are favorable for investment and tourists attractions.

Agaro is named after a plant seed called Agaro and is surrounded by rivers called Temsa, Dogja, Kore, Chesech.

Agaro was also a market hub in ancient Ethiopia chained in trade with surrounding cities bartering various goods. Aggaro officially demarcated as a small town in 1928 and started its developmental journey though a road constructed from Jimma to Aggaro in 1958 which has opened a door for more growth and development in infrastructure, trade and investment.

Since that time, the town commenced a wide range of development from time to time. Primary and secondary schools established, telephone and communication technologies expanded. Currently the city has hotels, business centers, coffee processing and research centers, and parks and youth centers.

According to Jimma Zone City Development and Housing Bureau Head Elias Sherefo Aggaro has five sub cities with a total population of 91,400 composed of 46,470 male and 46,630 female which make their living mainly through agriculture, trade, wood works and other related fields.

The City has been chosen as a model city at a forum ‘1st Round City Forum’ held recently in Jimma for its encouraging developmental progress.

"Aggaro has met the criteria to be a model City due to the progress it has showed in infrastructural and overall developments. Ranging from ensuring its residents socio-economic benefit from the city’s development by solving housing and unemployment problems to involving its younger generation through job opportunities, the City has witnessed remarkable achievements."

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According to him in the 1st GTP, the City Administration budgeting 200 million birr, it has undertaken various huge projects. It has built health and educational institutions, youth and market centers, and embarked on massive road infrastructural activities.

"City’s infrastructural development in the past three years has shown dramatic change. For instance, roads are constructed; preparatory school and library are opened. Efforts that are made by City Administration are completely changed the image of the city." he added

Similarly, 10.5 km asphalt road is underway in the city which costs 430 million and is expected to give service in three years. Also, Jimma University Agaro Campus is underway with a cost of 200 million birr which would further accelerate the city’s developmental activity as well as widen the education scope of the area he furthered.

Agaro City Vice Mayor, Abay Bedada on his part said that as the State was a place where many developmental questions had been arisen. In response, the City Administration is working diligently giving priority to develop the City and make to residents part of the development.

"Consequently, in an attempt to ensure beneficiary of the youth, 20,000 land stocks which were formerly transferred to investors were returned to youths."He added

"On the current budget year, through implementing city development policies and strategies to eradicate poverty and benefit the youth, the City Administration has registered 1,449 job seekers and has organized them in associations.

Capacity building training was also given to 887 youths in five clusters namely manufacturing, food processing, metal and wood works and farming. It has also provided them with the necessary financial and material support and made efforts to create market chain, he added

He further marked that the administration is working further to solve residents’ development questions, reduce unemployment in the city and ensure peace and security in the area as well as keep Aggaro green and clean.

However, shortage of water and electricity is still a problem in the City which needs the attention of pertinent bodies, according to some of Aggaro residents.